Jamiroquai meets “Chic” and “Benson” in the sound of multi-instrumentalist Boyan Rista

London based artist and producer Boyan Rista enlists original Jamiroquai members on his second single ‘High’ to produce an uplifting funky disco dance track.

London based artist and producer Boyan Rista teams up with Jamiroquai percussionist Kofi Karikari and 3 time Grammy Award winning engineer Bob Katz to produce a summery disco dance track that combines funky guitar riffs ala Nile Rodgers (Chic), Benson-esque jazz guitar lines and driving dance beats to create a new sound. The track’s genre may remind listeners of international hits Get Lucky (Daft Punk), Groovejet – If This Ain’t Love (Spiller/Bextor), Lady (Mojo) and Cosmic Girl (Jamiroquai)

In his latest release Rista subtly changes his sound from his debut soul/R&B track to a more upbeat summery dance mood yet still employs the similar real instrumentation opting to stay away from using samples or virtual instruments. He wrote, produced and mixed the song from his home studio in South London. It was mastered by Bob Katz, mastering engineer of 3 Grammy Award winning albums. Katz said this upon hearing it: “What a beautiful song. Dynamic, impacting, spacious. A nearly perfect mix with great dynamics. It’ll be one of my “most played” just as a show off over here.”

Rista subtly shows of his skills as a jazz guitarist by embellishing the track with several Benson-esque Jazz Guitar lines which give us a sneak preview of a sound that will undoubtedly become his signature with future releases.